Fiona Banner
30 April – 2 July 2011


Fiona Banner’s practice centres on the problems and possibilities of language, both written and metaphorical. From her ‘wordscapes’ to her use of found and transformed military aircraft, Banner juxtaposes the brutal and the sensual, performing an almost complete cycle of intimacy, attraction and alienation.
In this exhibition the artist alternates between the pathos of battle in her monumental sculptures, and the gentle humour of her works on paper, as she looks at how we mythologize ourselves and our history, and our willingness to be seduced by our own myths.

Fiona Banner
“Nude Wing”, 2011
Polished Tornado airplane wing, 590 x 230 x 28 cm
exhibition view Galerie Barbara Thumm, Berlin, 2011
Photo: Jens Ziehe