Fernando Bryce, *1965 in Lima, Peru / lives and works in Berlin, Germany and New York, USA
Fernando Bryce is one of the most influential contemporary Peruvian artists. His epic and large-scale series of drawings create historical panoramas that depict geo-political themes, ideologies and utopias from the 20th century until today.
His extensive historical and pictorial research results in series of ink drawings based on old newspaper cuttings, postcards, posters and other propaganda. The ideologically loaded terminology and imagery are the central focus of this work. The differences between these re-productions and the original documents reveal how we continuously rewrite history.
In recent years Fernando Bryce has not only analysed the print media, but also looked more and more towards the film industry and the early beginnings of the medialisation of propaganda.

Fernando Bryce
“To The Civilized World”, 2013 / 2014
Series of 97 drawings, Ink on paper
exhibition view “Unvergessenes Land” at Kunsthalle Bremen - Der Kunstverein in Bremen, 2017
Photo: Tobias Hübel