Fernando Bryce
03 September – 22 October 2005


Bryce works in the medium of ink drawing. He compiles large series reflecting on historical, ideological and cultural developments, which he represents by choosing decentralized viewpoints. The drawings always are based on transcriptions of found images such as book-covers, magazines, advertisements and posters. His choices unfold a compendium of imagery, which analyses global politics and economics. Fernando Bryce refers to this process as „ mimetic analysis“. His method obliges us to scrutinize images that circulate in the interstices of the historical narratives so as to slowly digest their political and ethical implications.

At the gallery we will be showing two of the new series. The monumental series „Revolución“ consists of 219 drawings. „Revolución“ is the title of a newspaper, which was published in Cuba in the sixties and documents the early stages of the revolution. Bryce chooses entire front pages, advertisements and satirical cartoons which he contrasts with international responses, for example from Newsweek. Bryce creates a historical picture of the ideological and political conflicts of the sixties. The beginning of the cold war coincided with the process of de-colonisation and the redefinition of global power structures. A hierarchical economical power structure manifested the creation of a „Third World“.

„Américas“ is the title of a magazine of the American states. This series consists of 44 frontcovers of the fifties and early sixties, of the era from Eisenhower to Kennedy. The formulisation of a new Pan-Americanism as well as Kennedy´s „Alliance of Progress“ are reflected in the media images of these times.

This body of work has first been shown at the Carnegie international in Pittsburgh, then at the Fundació Antoni Tápies in Barcelona. In November the series will part of the „T1, The Pantagruel Syndrome“, the newly founded triennial in Turin.
We thank the Pablo and Tinta Henning Collection, Houston, TX (USA) for their kind support.


Fernando Bryce
exhibition view Galerie Barbara Thumm, Berlin, Germany, 2005