Maria José Arjona
"Luck, The Walker, Time", 2016
Gallery archive no.: MJA-16-009)
21 steel spheres on wooden table, Vintage wooden shoe form, Silver pendulum and bunch of keys on wooden table
40 x 100 x 100 cm
Maria José Arjona
"Suit to Fly", 2015
(Gallery archive no.: MJA-15-004)
Feather poncho and overall
Maria José Arjona
"The Maker, The Healer", 2016
Gallery archive no.: MJA-16-014
Fur, black felt hat on pedestal, Iron wire, polymer clay, bandage and velvet fusion,
Maria José Arjona
"Nest", 2016
(Gallery archive no.: MJA-16-011)
Hummingbird nest on acrylic box
Maria José Arjona
"Untitled", 2016
(Gallery archive no.: MJA-16-003)
Wire and drawing