Teresa Burga, *1935 in Iquitos, Peru / lives and works in Lima, Peru
With her conceptualist pieces Teresa Burga is a pioneer of media art, technology-based art and installation art in Peru. In the 1960s, Burga was a member of the group Arte Nuevo. The group is widely credited with the introduction of the new avant-garde tendencies in the Peruvian context, such as Pop art, Op art and happenings. The recent new reassessment of Burga’s work is realized in the context of activities pursued by a broad network of Latin American art theorists and artists, who are presently embarking upon a rereading of the conceptualisms of the South (Southern Conceptualisms Network).

Teresa Burga
Exhibition view MALBA Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2015
Teresa Burga
Exhibition view Württembergischer Kunstverein, Stuttgart, Germany, 2011