Chloe Piene, *1972 in the USA / lives and works in New York and Berlin
Chloe Piene has been heralded nationally and internationally for her unique and powerful draftsmanship – a medium she considers to be ‘the blood’ of everything. Her work has included diverse associations as prisoners, love letters, ironworkers, Jewish mysticism, disaster, ruin, violence and Alchemy. The energy of her line, both powerful and delicate, explodes the notion of what a single mark, and material can do. For Piene drawing sits deeply at the root and origin of architecture, engineering, fashion, design, planning, thinking, mapping and sculpting.  All of Piene’s media, including her sculpture and video, reflect a depth of inquiry into the human condition which is often fearless, and to that point, directly questions notions of fear, courage and fortitude. Piene has lately staged performances and public speeches which tie together these concerns in ways which unravel the human form, and future, as it wavers between something idolized and real.

Chloe Piene
"Diotima", 2015
Gallery archive no.: CPi-15-0001
White charcoal on black paper
69,9 x 95,3 cm
Chloe Piene
"Chloe", 2016
Gallery archive no.: CPi-16-014
Helmet, cape, soundfile
Dimension audio: 21:11
Dimenson cape: 1524 x 609,6 x 304,8 cm
Photo: Hans-Georg Gaul
Chloe Piene
"Self Portrait 2002", 2002
Galerie Archiv Nr.: CPi-02-0012
DVD NTSC Video Small Format Monitor
Running Time: 00:01:31
Edition 7 + 2 AP