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\Peter Bonde

Peter Bonde, *1958 in Copenhagen, Denmark,
lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark

Photo: Morten Jacobsen

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The frenetic energy of Bonde’s painterly gestures on mirror-foil are dissident and at times self-destructive.

His gestures are referring simply to the notion of a physical movement that leaves a material residue. For Bonde there is only the beauty of the gesture and its residue and any ‚image‘ is usually compromised because of them.

To date, Bonde’s main focus has been to define a frame or surface of some kind, and then to deface it. Expanding the notion of painting onto images, it is perhaps arguable that the brushstrokes themselves are not painted upon the mirror (as an object) but upon the reflection itself. A treatment that declares the reflection as an object in its own right, rather than a mere representation of the thing(s) being reflected.

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