Galerie Barbara Thumm \ Ann-Sofie Sidén – In Passing

\Ann-Sofi SidénIn Passing28.04. - 02.06.2007

Photos: Rainer Jordan

Ann-Sofi Sidén’s latest work “In Passing” (2007) is the fragmented story – told from a number of different perspectives – of a young woman who leaves her infant child in the baby hatch of a Berlin hospital. This act of desperation sets into motion a narrative following two parallel journeys, one of the orphaned child and another of it’s mother.

The various narrative threads are shown as projections and on fl atscreens installed diagonally within the space. The depicted sequences differ strongly in terms of form and atmosphere. On one wall, two large video projections depict a hospital surveillance system. Black-and-white footage, switching between views of different hospital rooms with elevated camera positions reveal the routines and the emergency care in the hospital where the child is found. On the opposite wall, the young woman is seen wandering through the streets of Berlin in the early morning, evoking a melancholic lethargy which is also reflected in a multi-channel sound score containing the sounds of the city occasionally overtaken by the resonance of the hospital. The calm narrative fl ow consisting of video and interspersed still images moves right to left across the wall. The camera accompanies the protagonist at eye-level as she makes her way to the baby hatch, and afterwards as she heads off into an uncertain future.

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Galerie Barbara Thumm \ Ann-Sofie Sidén – In Passing