Galerie Barbara Thumm \ Anna K.E. – On Dithering

Anna K.E.On Dithering25.05. - 04.08.2013
Württembergischer Kunstverien, Stuttgart

Anna K.E., * 1986 in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia,
lives and works in New York and Düsseldorf

Hesitating, faltering, lapsing, pausing, wavering in decisions, treading water, lacking direction: all of the above are moments and states characteristic of “zaudern” (dithering), which in our thoroughly economized world are considered disruptive, if not downright threatening. They block, or so people say, the ability to act, the smooth course of events, and thus also productivity and growth.

The philosopher and literary scholar Joseph Vogl, in contrast, views dithering not as annihilation but as a “shadow of action,” as an “event backlog within the event.” At this threshold between action and non-action, an interval of pure “creative potency and contingency” emerges. In this sense, dithering is something that settles along joints, threshold and hinges, at places that branch and at the branches of the branchings—where anything is still possible and anything is questioned. At the same time, Vogl references the resistance inherent to dithering. Indeed, it turns “against the irrevocability of judgments, against the finality of solutions, against the certainty of consequences . . . and the weightedness of results . . . Dithering harbors the suspicion of complexity; it is aligned to an arithmetic that ranges from the hundreds to the thousands” (Joseph Vogl).

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Galerie Barbara Thumm \ Anna K.E. – On Dithering
Galerie Barbara Thumm \ Anna K.E. – On Dithering