Galerie Barbara Thumm \ Anna Oppermann – Playtime

Anna OppermannPlaytime15.03. - 29.06.2014
Lenbachhaus Munich

Anna Oppermann, *1941 in Eutin, †1993 in Celle,
lived and worked in Hamburg

38 available works

Work is half our life, or more. It is the pivot around which our lives revolve. The history of work is as long as the history of humankind itself. Humans must labor to earn their livelihood. Today, however, we no longer work only to secure the material conditions of our existence—work is also a source of our identity.

With the shift from the industrial to the knowledge-based society, if not even earlier, lifelong learning and self-optimization have become norms that govern the subjects. Creativity, flexibility, and autonomy are seen as key qualifications on which professional and social success depends. That is especially true for artists, who are regarded as prototypical embodiments of the new subject: thoroughly flexible and conditioned to engage in self-exploitation.

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Galerie Barbara Thumm \ Anna Oppermann – Playtime