Galerie Barbara Thumm \ Antonio Paucar – 15.Triennale Kleinplastik Fellbach

Antonio Paucar15.Triennale Kleinplastik Fellbach
The Vibration of Things
04.06. - 03.10.2022
Alte Kelter

Antonio Paucar, *1973 in Huancayo, Peru,
lives and works in Berlin and Peru

22 available works

The exhibition „The Vibration of Things“ by Elke aus dem Moore raises fundamental questions of the present – questions that are central to our coexistence on this planet. Starting from a vitality of matter and thus also an effective power of objects, artistic positions are presented that deal with socially highly topical questions of ownership, interconnectedness, resonances, restitution and responsibility. Does another form of reality or even truth lie in objects? What social functions and meanings do objects have? What makes us humans want to control or own anything? Objects are also social objects. Objects vibrate, resonate, that is, they possess a charge that can change and even disappear. The conception of objects having agency changes relationships in fundamental ways. Especially against the background of a forced migration of objects, through war, robbery and other transfers into new social contexts, it becomes clear that relationships between different people, but also their objects, have been violently interrupted. The current controversy over restitution highlights the urgent need to restore these relationships. Beyond the restitution of property, this includes the recognition of other knowledge systems, including non-cognitive ones. Only in this way can relationships be restored that were and are being driven apart by colonialism, imperialism, and capitalism. Cultural institutions and events such as the Triennial of Small Sculpture Fellbach bear a special responsibility, because they provide spaces in which experiences of resonance can be made. Which forms of reception are necessary to perceive objects in their complexity and liveliness? How do relationships and experiences arise through art objects? How do art objects change through their migration? Elke aus dem Moore’s exhibition is created in close collaboration with three artists who develop their own artistic-curatorial projects for the Triennial of Small Sculpture Fellbach: Memory Biwa (Windhoek, Namibia) traces the sounds of objects, and asks what charge do objects carry, and how do these reverberations echo into the future?; Antje Majewski (Berlin) questions the legitimacy of property; Gabriel Rossell-Santillán (Mexico) traces the history of a carpet and thus tells of the interconnectedness of people and things. In addition to the usual location of „Alte Kelter“ Fellbach, this edition of the Triennial will also take place in other locations, for example in a forrest and in virtual space, with artistic works conceived especially for this space. Here, too, the Triennial responds to the diagnosis of a world in a quantum state – a state of dissolution of rigid boundaries and clear dichotomies, not only between virtual and real worlds. In this way, the Triennial dedicates itself to making visible fluidity, in-betweens, and parallel existing possibilities.

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Galerie Barbara Thumm \ Antonio Paucar – 15.Triennale Kleinplastik Fellbach
Galerie Barbara Thumm \ Antonio Paucar – 15.Triennale Kleinplastik Fellbach