Galerie Barbara Thumm \ Fiona Banner – DANS L’AIR, LES MACHINES VOLANTES

Fiona Banner aka The Vanity PressDANS L’AIR, LES MACHINES VOLANTES22.03. - 10.09.2023
Hangar Y, Paris

Fiona Banner, *1966 in Merseyside, UK,
lives and works in London, UK

Photo © Luc Boegly

46 available works

The inaugural exhibition is organized by Art Explora, invited by the Hangar Y as part of its sponsorship program. It pays tribute to the primary function of the place by choosing flying machines as its theme.

Starting from the universal fascination of the human being for flight and the numerous inventions allowing to reach this objective, the curator of the exhibition Marie-Laure Bernadac, in collaboration with Blanche de Lestrange, focused on the way these means of elevation and transport in the air and their transformations over time have inspired artists. If the beginnings of these innovations could be found as early as the Renaissance in Leonardo da Vinci’s sketches, and the advent of the first flying machines in the nineteenth century inspired the artistic avant-garde of the early twentieth century as much as many rough artists thereafter, it is also about fifty contemporary artworks made during the last three decades that the exhibition brings together here.

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